MHPOA News and Notices
  • Pool is OPEN for member use

    As of 10AM Saturday, May 21

    Just as a reminder please keep food and beverages at the tables (never IN the pool) and absolutely NO GLASS containers within the pool area.

    Pool Opening and Annual Member Meeting

    First of all... GOOD NEWS! The Pool will be open a WEEK BEFORE Memorial Day Weekend That's right -- due to a number of factors (including that the "crack" in the pool floor did NOT require repair this year) we are able to, and your MHPOA Board has decided to Open the Pool for Member use by Saturday, May 21!

    Just as a reminder please keep food and beverages at the tables (never in the pool) and absolutely NO GLASS containers within the pool area.

    Secondly... the Annual Meeting of Members has been RESCHEDULED for Saturday, June 25th, starting at 1PM, as LUNCH & early-afternoon meeting/party!

    We plan to get the simple "business" (electing/re-electing two board members) out of the way as quickly as possible... and to make the afternoon more of a "Meet Your Neighbors" and "Family Fun" afternoon.

    There are several reasons for rescheduling: First, as no doubt many of you are aware we have had a contractor completely redo the "picnic/patio" area this spring! (A project that has been discussed & variously planned/debated for over 20 years.) In addition to a new 24' x 30' concrete patio, and extending the sidewalk from the bathhouse all the way out to the parking lot, the "lawn" area has been entirely reseeded. (And in order to have the project turn out as NICELY as possible, we would like to allow TIME for the grass to properly ROOT & GROW, which means keeping people OFF of the newly seeded lawn area as much, and as long as possible -- preferably several weeks.) So, rather than the prior (tentative plans) to hold an early June meeting, the MHPOA board has chosen to Reschedule the Annual Meeting of Members to Saturday, June 25th.

    Plus, this year
    To Celebrate Mariner Hill's "30th Anniversary" -- 1986..2016
    (Yes our little community IS now 30 years old!)

    We're going to do the meeting as a SPECIAL AFTERNOON PARTY! Plans are being finalized for the food, beverages and cake, as well as unique "door prizes" for attendees and their family members. (As always, more info & details will be mailed with the Spring Newsletter, and posted to the Website.)

    Whether you're a NEW "Mariner Hills" homeowner or resident, or you're a long-time member, you won't want to miss this gathering -- so RESERVE the afternoon of Saturday JUNE 25th on your calendars, and plan to join us for a fun afternoon.

  • New graphic "rendering" has been added to our GALLERY -- showing the several 2016 Facility Improvements (Phases 4 &l 4.5) that have been completed this spring.

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