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  • Local Roadwork update -- from the Walworth County "In the Works" August 2014 newsletter (PDF):

    General update: The unusually heavy rains that our area experienced in June have set back the completion dates of the County’s scheduled highway improvement projects.

    County Highway H (by Mariner Hills): The mill and overlay of CTH H from CTH A to USH 12 is now scheduled for completion by the end of August. Pulverization of the existing pavement just began this week [first week of August] after culvert repair/replacement, ditching and intersection improvements were completed.

    (MHPOA Note: To avoid the construction on H entirely, it is possible to reach State Highway 12/67 by exiting Mariner Hills and heading EAST on Bubbling Springs about 1/2 mile to Cool Hill Drive, then Cool Hill Drive SOUTH 1/3 mile to Lost Nation Drive, Lost Nation 1/3 mile EAST to Plantation Road and then finally Plantation EAST about 1-1/2 miles to Highway 12. But a Map or GPS is highly recommended until you become familiar with the route.)

    Other County Highway work:

    County Highway H (by Lake Geneva): Improvements to CTH - H in Lake Geneva are scheduled to begin in August 2014. The project will begin just west of Promontory Drive and end at Williams Street; approximately 3/4 miles. The work includes spot repairs to the curb and gutter, milling out the old pavement and installing a new asphalt surface. The road will be open to traffic at all times, but delays can be expected during the milling and paving operations.

    County Hwy M (near Delavan): The reconstruction of CTH M from State Highway 89 to the city of Delavan will begin on or about August 1. Completion of this highway project is now scheduled for the end of September.

    County Hwy A (WORK COMPLETED): The County’s annual chip sealing program was completed in record time the week of July 14th, sealing approximately 23 miles of CTH A and CTH J this year. The County’s pavement management plan calls to perform this maintenance work 3 - 4 years after new pavement is installed. An aggressive chip sealing program has been shown to extend the useful life of asphalt pavements 20% to 25%.

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